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    Whether you're starting up, or taking things to the next level, we can help you find the lending you need.

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    The Best. The Brightest. Our Staff!

  • Committed to Service

    We're dedicated to providing small businesses with dependable results, timely and complete service, and advice you can trust.

    We leverage the top in accounting technology to work efficiently, providing our employees with a comfortable work environment that acknowledges the importance of family first. We're also committed to making our community a better place, with a climate that supports business success.

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  • Providing Leading Accounting Services

    Tax Planning

    Talk to us before a big transaction comes up. We'll help you avoid a tax surprise.

    Business Consulting

    Starting, buying or selling a business? We can help make the process smoother.

    Business Expansion

    If you need financing to expand your business, we can provide the financial statements lenders require.

    Tax Preparation

    The two things in life that are certain are death and taxes. We can help with one of those.

    Business Valuation

    Buying or selling a business? You'll want to know what it's worth first.

    Partnership Consulting

    Partnerships are tough. We can help advise you on structures that might save your business...and relationships.

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    Our remote assistance tools let us help you from our office. No need to have us travel to your site, and you don't have to clean your office because company's coming!

    We deliver your products via a secure portal, allowing you to access them at your convenience. You can also use the File Exchange feature to upload documents to us securely.

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    700 Lincoln Street, Suite 200
    Kelso, WA 98626

    Telephone: +1 360 636 4200
    FAX: +1 360 636 4271


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  • Website Privacy Policy

    Information We Collect

    Our site isn't designed to collect anything in particular about you. A web server, by its nature, will collect information like an IP address. We don't do anything with that info. If you choose to fill out our contact form to email us a question, you'll be asked to provide your name, phone number and email address, which will be included in the message we get. We'll use that solely to contact you in response to your question.

    Client Information

    If you're our client, we obtain information about you from documents you provide, interviews with you, and public sources like the county assessor's site. Our professional standards and our personal ethics prohibit us generally from disclosing that information to anyone without your consent. There are limited exceptions to this rule, like when we receive a valid subpoena for records, we merge with another firm, or when we undergo peer review. We will also share your information with our software provider when we file electronic tax returns on your behalf. The service provider is not allowed to use or share your information to anyone but the tax authority to which the return is directed.

    Security of Nonpublic Information

    Except as mentioned above, we restrict access to your nonpublic information to members of our firm. We don't provide it to other affiliates that might want to sell you anything. We also maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard your information from unauthorized access, alteration, or premature destruction.

  • Our Commitments

    Top Quality Service

    We're committed to treating you like you're our #1 client, responding quickly when you call, and keeping you updated on the things that will affect you.

    Industry-leading timeliness

    When you bring us your tax return information during our busy season, we commit to completing your return within two weeks.

    Efficient Production

    Scared of hourly billing? We don't waste our time or your money, completing your project with as little time as is possible.

    Technological Leaders

    Our efficiency is driven by our commitment to investing in technology, and leveraging it to allow us to meet our other commitments. We've been a paperless office since 2005.

    Fair Pricing

    We're not trying to be the Walmart of CPA firms, but we make sure our pricing is reasonable, competitive and fair.

    Community Service

    We believe in giving back to the community. Our employees are serving as presidents and board members of local charities like Life Works, Kelso Rotary, and the River Cities Chamber of Commerce. You might even find the Tallest Mayor in the State of Washington lurking in our office.

    Balanced Lives

    We commit to helping our staff maintain a balance between family and work that leans toward the family. We believe if we take better care of ourselves, we can take better care of you.